29, 30 September,1 & 2 October 2013 in Athens

 Athina, Greece

"EchoPolis Cultural Event" 
SDMed organises a major festival event in September-October, 2013, in Athens, entitled EchoPolis- Days of Sound : “Sounds, Noise and Music in re-thinking sustainable city and the eco-neighborhoods”. The “EchoPolis-Days of Sound”Event, being the first edition of a series of events to be held in cities all over the Mediterranean and the Balkans will focus on the objective "Re-inventing emotions in the City" and to the consideration of environmental sounds as a 'resource' rather than a 'waste'.

Exposition photos "Ecoute voir"//"Hear to see"//"Ακου να δεις"



International Competition for the ‘Hear to see’ Exhibition

The show project

What we see and hear : mingling with our perception of a city are these two things, one aesthetic, the other sensuous. The aim of the “Hear to see” project is to showcase these two facts of urban space-time and try and capture something of the city’s differing aesthetic landscapes : its dreams and nightmares, its daily life, its sounds, its nooks and crannies, its traffic, its crowded markets, its public places, its local pubs, its celebrations, but also its seldom moments of silence, Nature’s elemental presence. All kinds of fragmented urban sounds find their place there : the main thing is to capture the city’s moments of visual and acoustic charm.

Calls for projects

Any young artist is invited to send her/his attempt to capture the visual and/or acoustic essence of the city in photographic and/or acoustic form. This might for example be an image in light and sound of any kind of urban landscape. We welcome photos, videos, sound recordings, and especially ‘sound photographs’ – a photograph with a sound recording made at the same time as the photo was taken.

The ten best projects will be decided by a jury of artists, photographers, architects, film directors, geographers and other professional people who are working for a better city. The winning entries will form part of the “Hear to see”Exhibition, the mainstay of the international event ‘EchoPolis 2013 – Days of sound’. The Exhibition will be at the Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens. Michael Cacoyannis was the famous Cypriot director who made the film classic "Zorba the Greek".


Along with the Exhibition there will be an ‘acoustic walk’ through Athens, and a round table at the Hellenic American Union (22 Massilias St) on the theme ‘The acoustic charm of the city’.

Conditions for applying, and other technical information

You must be no more than 35 years old when applying.

The Competition is open to any practicing artist irrespective of field (this may be painting and sculpture, music, architecture, graphic arts, design, fashion, and so on).
The minimum resolution for photos is 300 dpi (jpeg or tif format). Your recording (in mp3 format) should last about 15 minutes.
The deadline for entries is 16 August 2013. Shortlisted candidates will be notified no later than 15 September 2013.


“An endlessly revolving vinyl record hovers like a distant mirage. The record is at once a technological surrogate for memory and a trigger ignites it. The characteristic crackle and pops of needle-in-groove Lends year air of nostalgia for a materiality That HAS receded in the digital age."

Web Site: peterblumgallery.com / artists / su-mei tse-
  Su-Mei Tse

Su-Mei Tse

  Floating Memories, 2009
Video, 47:00, color, sound

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