29, 30 September-1,2 & 3 October 2013

 Athina, Greece

Echo & Polis
SDMed organises a major festival event in September-October, 2013, in Athens, entitled EchoPolis- Days of Sound : “Sounds, Noise and Music in re-thinking sustainable city and the eco-neighborhoods”. The “EchoPolis-Days of Sound”Event, being the first edition of a series of events to be held in cities all over the Mediterranean and the Balkans will focus on the objective "Re-inventing emotions in the City" and to the consideration of environmental sounds as a 'resource' rather than a 'waste'.

Organizing committee

Organising Committee 

Asst Prof.Stella Kyvelou, Panteion University, SDMed President (Conference Chair)
Dr. Sylvie Gruszow, Journalist, Association Conférences Sans Frontières
Dr. Nicholas Karachalis, Panteion University, University of Thessaly
Dr. Maro Sinou,TEI of Athens, Panteion University, SDMed
Stratos Manos, Panteion University, SDMed
Echopolis Art Programme Organising Committee 

Eliza-Sofia Bouratsis, Artistic Programme manager, Curator, SDMed
Rena Kyprioti, Art programme Manager,Curator, SDMed Observation, Planning and Eco-Innovation
Vivianna Chiotini,Art Programme Manager, Curator, SDMed Observation, Planning and Eco-Innovation
Maria Sfyraki, Art programme Manager,Curator, Panteion University
Organising Secretariat

Ioanna Pothitaki, Panteion University, SDMed
Leonidas Maroulis, Panteion University, SDMed
Evi Koloniati-Arvaniti, Panteion University, SDMed
Katianna Vantaraki, Panteion University, SDMed
Kalliopi Tzevelekou, Panteion University, SDMed
EchoPolis Expo 2013 organising committee

Michalis Chiotinis, SDMed Observation, Planning and Eco-Innovation




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