29, 30 September-1,2 & 3 October 2013

 Athina, Greece

Echo & Polis
SDMed organises a major festival event in September-October, 2013, in Athens, entitled EchoPolis- Days of Sound : “Sounds, Noise and Music in re-thinking sustainable city and the eco-neighborhoods”. The “EchoPolis-Days of Sound”Event, being the first edition of a series of events to be held in cities all over the Mediterranean and the Balkans will focus on the objective "Re-inventing emotions in the City" and to the consideration of environmental sounds as a 'resource' rather than a 'waste'.


ECHOPOLIS invites contributions on research and technological development as well as particularly
innovative case studies in the following areas :
  1. "Sound and Noise in sustainable cities and eco-neighborhoods"
  2. "Sound design and eco-innovation in cities"
  3. "Sound and music in emotional architecture and emotional city"
  4. "Sustainable abatement of noise by optimized combinations of natural and artificial means"
  5. "Sound and Noise in sustainable buildings and buiiding acoustics"
  6. "Balancing energy performance, thermal insulation, acoustic comfort and air quality in buildings"
  7. “Sonic environment and noise in building certification schemes” 


  1. "Sound and Noise in transport infrastructure"
  2. "Traffic noise- railing noise -aircraft noise and measures of abatement"
  3. "Sound environment, Noise, Music, city attractiveness and sustainable tourism"
  4. "Soundscapes, Heritage and Tourism”
  5. "Sonic Geography-Sonic Landscapes-Sonic Ecology"
  6. "Sound Heritage and soundscapes"
  7. "Urban and rural quiet areas-Sound and noise Cartography-Strategic noise plans"
  8. "Noise exposure and effects on health, Noise action plans, annoyance maps
  9. "Low noise wind turbines and implications in human health"
  10. "Noise at school: health issues, impact on learning"

The objectives are to :

  • show new perspectives in improving sound quality of the built and the urban environment
  • present the latest achievements of research and technological development in sound design and noise abatement
  • prepare the ground for knowledge and technology transfer from research to industry
  • present particularly innovative case studies of sound design in cities and eco-neighborhoods
  • encourage interdisciplinary dialogue between architects, engineers, planners, phychologists, neurologists..
  • encourage dialogue between scientists, practitioners, professionals, industry, elected officials in city councils,citizens...

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